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 Testing Crap Shit

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PostSubject: Testing Crap Shit    Sat Mar 24, 2012 12:48 pm

[SIZE="3"]Basic Information[/SIZE]

What's the name of the gang? Mexican Mafia or "La eMe"

Who is the leader of the gang? Drizen Devil

What type of gang are you trying to create? Chicano/Mexican Mostly RP/point only if they are not taken by other gangs Gang

Will your gang participate in Points? Only if they are not taken by other gangs

[SIZE="3"]Extended Information[/SIZE]

[SIZE="2"]Gang Story/Biography[/SIZE] (Minimium 1,200 words)

The Mexican Mafia originated in the mid-1950s at the Duel Vocational Institute in Tracy, California. The prison, originally built to house young male offenders, soon became the home of many Mexican-American street gang members mostly from barrios, or neighborhoods, in East Lost Angeles.
The Sureno familia is a well known gang that rules a big part of Los Santos.
The Surenos is a Spanish / Latino-American street gang.

During this time White inmates enjoyed control over most of the trustee positions which offered them many prison luxuries. But more importantly, the Whites controlled the prison underworld. The Mexican-American inmates wanted more freedom and more importantly, to control the prison drug trade.

A small group of Mexican-American inmates organized themselves into what would become to be known as the Mexican Mafia. They patterned their organization after the Italian Mafia, which was often discussed in the media during the 1950s. They even copied the Black Hand symbol used by the Italians. As the group recruited newly arriving Mexican-American inmates they soon took hold of the California prison system, however according to the Department of Justice, the group did not have a strong leadership structure until the 1960s. By this time they controlled the narcotic traffic throughout most of the California and San Andreas prisons.
Early requirements of the gang required prospective members to be Mexican. Members also had to have completed at least one ‘hit’ or stabbing and their status in the gang was then based on their seniority and dedication. Dedication was usually proven by how many assaults they had engaged in.
Over the years their membership rules have evolved. Most probationary members are now voted into the gang by three existing members. A few gained membership by murdering a Mexican Mafia member who had broken the gang’s rules. The Mexican Mafia, also known as La Eme, a Spanish word meaning ‘the M’ now instructs its members to; Other violations include practicing Christianity and "politicking"—creating dissension among members. Violation of these rules could result in a death sentence.

Former Mexican Mafia members have complained that La Eme is set up in a manner that only the top leaders collect all the profits from the illegal activities of others. They describe that 99% of the gang works to serve the less than 1% of those who control it. Others describe being ordered to commit various crimes that have lengthened their time in prison, with no reward for their sacrifice.

While in prison, members are expected to engage in drug trafficking, extortion and any activity to acquire money and control over other inmates.
In the late 1960s a division occurred among Mexican-American inmates with a new group forming, which would later be known as the Nuestra Familia. It so happened that the majority of the Nuestra Familia members were from Northern California and the majority of Mexican Mafia members were from Southern California. As the war between the two groups continued some members began distinguishing themselves as either Nortenos, a Spanish word for Northerner, or Sureno, Spanish word for Southerner.
As Eme members paroled to the streets, they were tasked with creating new cells to help facilitate more crime. In addition, paroled members explained the North versus South war occuring in prison to the young street gang members. The youngsters were told that when they did enter the prison system that they should align themselves with the other Surenos. The term Sureno was soon adopted by Hispanic street gang members throughout Southern California.
Although some might identify themselves as being a Sureno gang member, the original meaning of the term denotes an umbrella of gangs who fall under the control of the Mexican Mafia. Sureno sets may have conflict with each other Sureno gangs on the streets, yet in prison they will bond together for protection under the leadership of the Mexican Mafia.
Sureno gang members often identify themselves with the number ‘13’ to represent the thirteenth letter of the alphabet, the letter ‘M’. This is used to pay homage to the Mexican Mafia. Surenos will use the symbols Sur, XIII, X3, 13, and 3-dots in their graffiti and tattoos. In many parts of the country they will identify themselves with the color blue. Mexican Mafia members may have Sureno idenitifers as they were probably a Sureno gang member before being recruited into the Mexican Mafia. Other Mexican Mafia symbols include a black hand, the letters “MM” or the term La Eme.

It is import to reinforce that the Mexican Mafia and Surenos are two separate identities. Some have described the Mexican Mafia as being the father of Surenos. The majority of Sureno gang members have no direct contact with Mexican Mafia members, yet the Mexican Mafia is able exercise control and influence over Sureno gangs located in Southern California And San Andreas (Los Santos) and a few scattered cities throughout the nation, without the knowledge of the majority of the street gangs’ members.

While increasing in influence and power throughout the years, the Sureños hiearchy is relatively unorganized, and has made enemies, such as the Green Light Maravillas, a smaller gang that broke off in order to resist paying taxes to the Sureños. Sureño gang members often use the number 13 as gang identification, as the letter "M" is the 13th letter of the alphabet to show their alliance with "La eMe" or otherwise known as the "Mexican Mafia". Sureños represent themselves with symbols and phrases such as "Sur 13", "Los Sureños" and "Sureño Trece".
theres also many cliques in sur 13 (a cliques is like a crew that controls a a few streets) exsample of a sur 13 clique is S.S.C SouthSide Criminals, southside criminals is a clique of sur 13 that cdawontrols a few streets in LV, SF, and a huge part of LS.

By 1961 violence got so bad at the Deuel Vocational Institution that administrators transferred a number of the charter La eMe members to San Quentin Penitentiary in the hopes of discouraging their violent behavior. This tactic, however, failed to work. Cheyenne Cadena arrived on the lower yard of San Quentin and was met by a six-foot-five, 300-pound black inmate who planted a kiss on his face and announced this scrawny teenager would now be his 'bitch. Cadena returned a short time later, walked up to the unsuspecting predator, and stabbed him to death with a jailhouse knife, or shank. There were more than a thousand inmates on the yard and no witnesses stepped forward. A string of other slayings soon followed as La eMe members sought to establish a reputation among the inmates of San Quentin. The Mexican Mafia's quest for complete control alienated many other Mexican-American inmates who were fed up with Mexican Mafia stabbing, killing, and stealing their watches, rings, cigarettes and anything else of value. Some of them secretly founded a new prison gang called La Nuestra Familia (NF) or "Our Family." It was first established in the mid-1960s at the California Training Facility in Soledad. Some of the early members were from the Los Angeles area, but NF soon drew inmates primarily from rural communities in Northern California. The Mexican Mafia saw Nuestra Familia as inferior and "just a bunch of farmers", or farmeros. However, in 1968 at San Quentin, a full scale riot broke out after a Mexican Mafia soldier, or soldado, stole a pair of shoes from a Nuestra Familia sympathizer. Nineteen inmates were stabbed and one La eMe associate ended up dead. The battle became known as the "Shoe War" and it established Nuestra Familia as the major La eMe rival. Mexican Mafia symbols include images of a black hand. The gang's primary symbol, which is often used in tattoos by members, is the national symbol of Mexico (eagle and a snake) atop a flaming circle over crossed knives. Street gangs that are aligned with the Mexican Mafia often use the number 13 as a gang identifier, as the letter "M" is the 13th letter of the modern Latin-derived alphabet.The Mexican Mafia received mainstream notoriety after being featured in the 1992 movie American Me.

[SIZE="2"]Starting Members (Min. of 6)[/SIZE]:

1.) Drizen "Magic" Devil
2.) Drake "Syco" Devil
3.) Chino "Conejo" Devil
4.) Jin "Peso" Kazama
5.) Brain "Snapper" Reid
6.) Jeff "Smokey" Carmona
7.) Franky "Bluto" Hernandez
8.) Jorge "Scrappy" Hernandez
9.) Hama "Loco" Dara
10.) David "Smiley" Lee
11.) Jordan "Joker" Blanco
12.) Vincent "Casper" Devil

[SIZE="2"]Your Rank Names[/SIZE]:

1.) Lil Ese
2.) Ese
3.) Soldado
4.) Asesino
5.) El Comandante
6.) El Jefe

[SIZE="2"]Skins (Must include ID's with any pictures)[/SIZE]:

R1 - Skin 173
R2 - Skin 174
R3 - Skin 175
R4 - Skin 114
R5 - Skin 115
R6 - Skin 116
Girl Skin : 93

[SIZE="3"]Other Information[/SIZE]

In Character Rules :

Every Chianco is to live by these rules of the streets

1.) Blood in Blood out, once you are a member of the clique, you swear your loyalty & the only way to leave the gang is through death. ((CK))

2.) Never snitch, never tell the police about the gang members actions, if found out by the gang they will be punished.

3.) Respect your higher ranks and know your place. Lower rank members don't give orders to higher ranks.

4.) Never go around the city alone, always have atleast a homie with you to watch your back.

5.) Never give out any crucial information about the gang or the gang members.

6.) If your outnumbered and surrounded by police don't shoot, but ask for backup on the walkie talkie for some backup or try to escape when you find a chance.

7.) Do not go into rival gangs turf, unless it's retaliation or given orders by a higher rank.

8.) Never hold guns out in the streets, keep in hidden somewhere not noticable, you can carry a gun, but keep it hidden

9.) Never fight with your own gang members, if there is a problem the Jefe will fix it, respect your bandana colors.

10.) Never call a gang member with a street name by his real name in front of outsiders, especially El Jefe.

11.) Respect your fellow gang members as if your family

12.) Do not give out information about our gang or our where abouts to rival gangs or popo.

13.) Once your in La eMe you stay in La eMe for life the only way out is death.

Rank 1 - Lil ese - The first rank in the gang, needs to build up his respect and listen to every higher rank then him.

Rank 2 - Ese - Ese is the second rank in the gang, has some respect, but still has to earn respect.

Rank 3 - Soldado - Soldado is the soilder of the gang, teaching the new eses gang stuff, rolling with the Soldado can call the shots unless the Jefe or higher rank says so.

Rank 4 - Associate is in charge when the Jefe or higher ranks are not around, he can organize gang meetings and shootouts unless higher rank says so.

Rank 5 - El Commendate - The gang takes orders from him when the Jefe isn't around he can oraganize gang meetings and shootouts, and has more respect then Asesinos.

Rank 6 - The Jefe of the gang is the shot caller, he decides the best interests for the gang, he has the most call in anything.

The term Sureno means Southerner in Spanish. Even though Sureno's were established in 1968, the term was not used until 1970's as a result of continued conflict between the Mexican Mafia and Nuestra Familia in California's prison system. As a result of those prison wars, all exceptions such as Fresno Bulldogs and Maravilla gangs of East Los Angeles. When a Surenos is asked what being a Sureno means, gang mebmers, without exception, answer "A Sureno is a foot soilder for the Mexican Mafia. Their biggiest enemies are the Nortenos that claim allegiance to the Nuestra Familia, various Crips, Bloods in California.

Video Parte 1

Video Parte 2

Video Parte 3

Video Parte 4

Video Parte 5

In the videos show code names for drugs and money etc. and shows what type of RP we are doing.

What's the level of the leader? 24

Does the leader have $ 500,000? Yes

Does the leader have past leadership experience? Yes

Why should you be given this gang? There's not much gang that has a lot of members and or is not active enough I don't see a lot gangs out there anymore RPing like old times

Please list the leaders past family/faction history:


and so more but forgot..

Proof of RP activities (Screens&Fraps):

Have you read the gang/point regulations and do you agree to them? Yes

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PostSubject: Re: Testing Crap Shit    Sat Mar 24, 2012 12:56 pm

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PostSubject: Re: Testing Crap Shit    Sat Mar 24, 2012 12:56 pm

Updated and fixed.
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PostSubject: Re: Testing Crap Shit    Sat Mar 24, 2012 1:18 pm

Update final maybe
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PostSubject: Re: Testing Crap Shit    Sat Mar 24, 2012 2:31 pm

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PostSubject: Re: Testing Crap Shit    Sat Mar 24, 2012 4:38 pm

Final Update 3/24/12
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PostSubject: Re: Testing Crap Shit    

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Testing Crap Shit
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